Our core ENERGY TE4M is built by a group of multidisciplinary people in different areas such as marketing, sales, engineering, communications, industrial design, graphic design, and administration.

We have people ready to give the energy for your business needs, this means the STAMINA4X for your business to be successful in the operational, marketing, and sales areas.

Bernardo Peral | More than 12 years in the B2B industry, visionary, salesperson, and marketer. High experience in quality, operations, and marketing implementing sales strategies, standard operations procedures, ISO standards, and supplier development in different companies (services, leather goods, fasteners, industrial equipment, etc) in the United States, Mexico, and Asia. His passion is to get disruptive ideas to be transformed into reality, also he likes to sing.

Raquel Martínez de la Vega | More than 10 years being Mom, entrepreneur, baker, and industrial designer. She is very well connected with nature and has a lot of experience in urban harvests. She has experience in social media management. Her skills help the team to manage projects, design, etc.

Alejandro A. Gómez | More than 12 years in the marketing area. He has been responsible to launch a bunch of products for massive consumption on national TV and movie theaters, and the launch of products on digital platforms. His experience includes personal care products, wine, and spirits, and fintech. He has strong skills for theater performance he is a professional of improvisation performance.

Nadia Hierro | More than 8 years working with internal and external communication. She has high experience with different companies including educational and industrial organizations, and a strong background in managing projects and operations. She also loves to sing, and she is an actress in her native city.

Cesar Vega | More than 20 years in the musical industry. He has worked with different artists in Mexico and Latin America, with several scores for movies and TV shows, and also he has created a bunch of jingles for different companies such as Six Flags, Televisa, Bosch, General Motors, Deportivo Toluca Futbol Club, just to name a few. Now, with the STAMINA4X team, he is adding all the talent to create Musical Branding as a key part of the marketing strategy for the companies.

Gustavo León Braunschweigr | More than 30 years in the Film and TV industry. He has won important television awards such as “El Bocuse D’or” in Paris, the “Alatu” award for Latin America, and the New York-based Sife award, the Polo WorldTV award, and the “Fan Los Angeles” award. He has been Film Director of different Talk Shows, Gameshows, Musical Concerts, and people like Mitch Kozuchowsky and Goerge Veras (10 Emmy awards), even Gustavo’s crew has been nominated to 3 Emmy awards. He is the octopus of the camera.

Juan Carlos Esquivel | More than 30 years in the Film, and Animations industry. He has a bunch of experience working with several products from recognized companies and brands such as Quala, GNC, GEPP, Infra, Hasbro, etc being part of many success stories. Now Canal Certo TV has been joined to STAMINA 4X to offer the best experience for the customer for high-level audiovisual products. He is Steeler’s #1 fan and an eco-bike lover.

Rafael Briones | More than 12 years in the operations and manufacturing field in different industries such as fasteners, tubing, aluminum foundries. His experience allows setting strong strategies for operational requirements such as strategic planning, lean manufacturing. He is 6 Sigma Black Belt, and the best on the grill.